NetApp Converged Infrastructure Overview Tutorial – FlexPod and NFLEX

In this NetApp training tutorial, I’ll give you an overview of NetApp’s converged infrastructure solutions, FlexPod, and NFLEX. Scroll down for the video and also text tutorial.

NetApp Converged Infrastructure Overview Video Tutorial – FlexPod and NFLEX

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Niklas Kusserow

Niklas Kusserow

First of all I want to thank you for the unbelievable work! The new NetApp course is even more informative, structured, exciting and detailed than the last one. I could not believe that this was possible but it is!

The way you are teaching the theory is understandable to everyone. No matter if they work with Netapp for years or just started learning it.

The labs are easy to build but super powerful, they represent every single detail from the theory lessons and help understand the material even more!

I would spend much more to get this oodles of knowledge from a teacher like you. Please keep up your great work!

Niklas Kusserow

The converged infrastructure solutions from NetApp give you the best practice configurations for various workloads. Storage systems from NetApp are used, such as FAS, AFF, SolidFire, or whatever fits best to the particular workload that you want to deploy. It also uses compute and network components from NetApp's partners.


Converged Infrastructure: FlexPod


FlexPod uses:

  • Cisco UCS servers for the compute
  • Cisco Nexus switches for the networking
  • NetApp storage systems


Validated Design documents detail the hardware and software configuration to put the entire solution together. The documentation tells you exactly what to do and all the different parts to do that with. You can put it together yourself or you can get a local NetApp partner to do it for you.


Converged Infrastructure: NFLEX


NFLEX uses:

  • Fujitsu Primergy CX servers for the compute
  • Extreme Network switches for the networking
  • NetApp AFF storage


NFLEX has been around for a shorter time than FlexPod. NFLEX as an orderable system from NetApp or Fujitsu. As with converged infrastructure solutions, you get a single point of support when you order NFLEX.


Converged Infrastructure Use Cases


There are best practice configurations for different workloads. The use cases are pretty much anything that you would require storage for.


At the website, we’ll see the FlexPod design guide. There are loads of different design guides depending on the type of workload that you want to run. So, there's a design guide for VMware ESXi, Hyper-V, Citrix, SAP, and others.


Initially, the design guide usually gives us a summary of the entire system. It also illustrates a high-level diagram of what the solution looks like. The different hardware parts that make up the solution and the software versions are shown as well.


The cabling was laid out in detailed diagrams and the port connections are listed. You can actually see how to physically put everything together. Moreover, it contains the actual configurations to enter on all of the different components.


The guide gives you the complete solution of your compute, your networking, and the storage. It is also guaranteed to be best practice and it saves you all the effort of doing the design yourself.


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