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Hi, I’m Neil Anderson.
You want to learn more about IT, earn the respect of others in the trade, and get those high paid roles and promotions, right? Let me help you…
I dropped out of school when I was 15 with no qualifications or future plans. When I got a little bit older and wiser I realised I’d better build a career for myself. I rocketed up the IT career ladder by learning online. I’m here to help you do the same.
I’m proud of my ‘Top Responder’ tag online and I genuinely care about giving you the best experience possible, both in the quality of my training and in ongoing support.
Nothing makes me feel better than hearing I’ve helped you reach the next level in your career. I can help you on the path to achieving the same qualifications as me:
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My main focus since 2007 has been the development and delivery of technical training but I also provide consultancy for clients and mentoring for their engineers. I train the professionals who design and implement the largest Cloud and Data Center deployments throughout the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world.
These guys trust me to train their engineers:
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Before focusing on training I worked in the field for over 10 years in a variety of systems and network engineering and IT management roles.
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Thanks! Neil