Introduction to SAN and NAS Storage

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Intro to SAN and NAS Storage course reviews
Steve Charl Tolmay
“Great course, I gained so much understanding on this subject. It was fun to listen to and the real world examples are greatly appreciated.”

- Steve Charl Tolmay

The 2nd top hit for ‘Cloud Computing’ on Google says ‘Cloud computing is a general term for the delivery of hosted services over the internet.’ Unfortunately, that definition is completely wrong.
This course is designed to clear up the many misunderstandings about Cloud Computing and to give you a crystal clear and easy to understand explanation of exactly what it is, how it works, the different options available, the advantages provided and how much it’s going to cost.
The lessons are vendor agnostic so they’re suitable no matter who the manufacturer of your storage system is. I’ve used NetApp as the storage system in the live demos but the information is relevant to all vendors.
As a student in this course, you will get an answer to every question you ask. I love interaction with my students- anything you want to know, please ask. You can contact me at Thanks for taking the time to read about the course.
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What are the requirements?

  • A basic knowledge of computer networks
  • No previous storage knowledge is necessary

What will you be able to do after taking this course?

  • Understand the basics plus more of Storage Area Networks and Network Attached Storage
  • Understand why we use centralised storage
  • Understand the difference between SAN and NAS
  • Understand the theory of the NAS protocols - SMB, CIFS and NFS
  • Understand the theory of the SAN protocols - Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCoE and NVMeOF
  • Perform a basic configuration of SAN and NAS storage on a Storage System
  • Connect to CIFS (SMB) NAS storage from a Windows client
  • Connect to NFS NAS storage from a Linux client
  • Connect to iSCSI SAN storage from a Windows client
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Course Curriculum

What is Centralised Storage?
The Benefits of SAN and NAS Storage
Storage Media Types
Comparing SAN and NAS Storage
SMB and CIFS: Overview and Configuration
NFS: Overview and Configuration
Fibre Channel Part 1 – FCP and WWPN Addressing
Fibre Channel Part 2 – Security: Zoning and LUN Masking
Fibre Channel Part 3 – The Fabric Login
Fibre Channel Part 4 – Redundancy and Multipathing
FCoE Overview
Fibre Channel and FCoE Configuration
iSCSI Overview
iSCSI Configuration
NVMeOF Overview
Object Storage Overview
Converged and Hyper Converged Infrastructure HCI Overview
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