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John Salmon

“I kept hearing how getting your CCNA would change your life. Well it’s true.

I ‘crushed’ the CCNA exam thanks to Neil’s course, and went from being a mail courier to my first tech job as a network lab engineer working for Cisco.”

– John Salmon

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Do you want a more interesting and better paid job?


The average base salary for a CCNA network engineer in 2024 is $72,362.

CCNA Salary Glassdoor

Trouble is, you need the CCNA certification to get it.

Passing the Cisco Certified Network Associate exam is the quickest way for you to climb the IT career ladder.

As you’re reading this, other people are taking the training, passing the exam, and getting those jobs.

And every week you wait to get your CCNA is another week you’re losing money.

This is the one course you need to get your CCNA.

It has the highest review rating of any CCNA course online with a stellar 4.8 out of 5 average from over 20,000 public student reviews. It’s verified as the gold standard in CCNA training.

You’ll develop full understanding of all the CCNA exam topics through a proven step-by-step system of HD video tutorials, quizzes, study notes and Anki flashcards.

And you’re not just going to learn the book smarts – full configuration and troubleshooting lab exercises are included so you’ll get the hands-on practical skills you need to work on real world networks.

The Cisco CCNA Gold Bootcamp gives you an easy to understand, structured approach to shortcut your path to mastering Cisco networking and passing 2024’s CCNA exam.

CCNA Gold Bootcamp

Here's what you get when you enroll:

  • Permanent access to the highest review rated CCNA course online
  • Over 35 hours of HD video tutorials
  • 300 pages of configuration lab exercises with setup instructions to run on your laptop for free
  • An additional 150 pages of bonus troubleshooting labs
  • Quizzes at the end of every section to check your understanding
  • Anki flashcards to ensure long term retention of what you’ve learned
  • Course slides in an easy to review format
Srinivasan Manohar

I took the CCNA exam yesterday and I passed it in the first attempt. It would not have been possible without taking this course.”

– Srinivasan Manohar

You will:

  • Develop a deep understanding of Cisco’s features and functions 
  • Walk through complete and easy to understand explanations of each technology area covered in the exam 
  • Follow simple step by step instructions to build your own fully featured lab on your laptop for free
  • You’ll get started with hands-on practice immediately – no equipment is required
  • Gain hands on configuration and troubleshooting experience through comprehensive lab exercises
  • Take quizzes to ensure you’ve nailed the test topics and are ready to pass the exam
  • Use Anki flashcards to build long term memory retention of everything you learn
  • Learn how networking really works through real world examples throughout the course
  • Build the skills and confidence to crush the CCNA 200-301 exam
  • Gain demonstrable knowledge and practical experience to supercharge your networking career

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Money Back Guarantee

Cisco CCNA 200-301 Gold Bootcamp comes with an unconditional risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the course then email me within 30 days and I will issue a full refund – that’s my personal promise of your success.

Ali Tajvidi

100% Satisfied with the course…I honestly can’t think of anything that I can mention to make this course any better because it is already perfect….the downloadable slides and the answer keys to labs, the tempo of his speaking and everything is 100% excellent for me.”

– Ali Tajvidi

What's with the deadline to enroll?

Remember when you had a homework assignment for school? And you did the homework the night before it had to be handed in.

The fact is we all leave things until the last minute, and often we wouldn’t do them at all if there wasn’t a deadline there to give us a push.

Doing that homework was good for your future self, and so is this course. I KNOW it’s going to get you a better job and better pay, so I’m giving you the extra bump to get started.

John Artinian

After experiencing at least four other CCNA instructors/courses Neil’s CCNA course is by far the best. This course just puts it all into action in a clear and concise way. 

One of the best things I like is how much of a complete course this is. He provides instructions on how to setup your lab environment with many practice labs, sample study plans and extra guidance and resources. 

But to me the real cherry on top is Neil’s active involvement. He is quick at responding to questions and really has a genuine care to help us all succeed.”  

– John Artinian

You Can Be Ready to Pass the CCNA Exam in Just 6 Weeks

Accountability is built into the course to ensure you remain on track. You’ll receive a suggested timetable of video tutorials, quizzes and lab exercises to complete every week.

You have access to the course forever so it’s always there if you need more time, but I want to give you the knowledge, hands-on skills and exam practice to get your CCNA and prepare you for a real world networking role as quickly as possible.

Abdulai Fadiga

I found Neil’s course and quickly realized that it was designed to help candidates not only pass the exam, but also to understand how networks function in the real world.

Six weeks later I passed the CCNA exam, and I am now a Technical Consultant at a Telecommunication Service Provider.”

– Abdulai Fadiga

But isn't passing the CCNA exam difficult?

Yes it’s true that getting your CCNA takes time and work. That’s one of its biggest benefits – it proves you have the motivation to succeed. 

None of the topics are hard to understand, but you do need to spend the time to learn them. The harsh truth is that most people are too lazy to learn the skills that will take their career to the next level. 

I make the topics easy to understand, whether you already have years of experience or are starting as a complete beginner. I’m with you every step of the way, and if you have any questions just ask, I love to help.

I promise you will learn everything you need to pass the exam. 

I’m giving you everything you need to get the job you want, now you just have to watch the course.

I heard that Cloud means we don't need Network Engineers anymore?

Staff members don’t sit in the cloud, they sit in a corporate office or work from home. Companies using cloud services need network connections between their cloud servers, their offices and their staff, the same as if those servers were in the company’s own data center.

Cloud has made enterprise class data centers more affordable to more companies, and they all need qualified network engineers to support them. Demand for network engineers is at its highest ever:

Network Engineer Job Vacancy Trend

Network Engineer Job Vacancy Trend.

Every year since I started the doom-mongers have said that whatever this year’s latest technology is will kill our job, yet here we are still earning the big bucks. Every new IT technology since networks have existed has increased the need for network engineers.

And if you go on to specialize in cloud, networking is one of the core skills you’ll need.

You can take the Cisco CCNA 200-301 Gold Bootcamp from home or anywhere in the world.
Man Working on Laptop
You have permanent lifetime access to all the course material so you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule. You can work through the entire program from start to finish, or pick and choose individual tutorials and configuration demos as and when you need them.  
Brian Briggs

“Breaks everything down and is easy to follow. Also, the format of the course is great because he goes through the entire explanation of the subject then has the lab and with the provided documents it makes it great for retaining information.”

– Brian Briggs

Better Than Classroom Training. WAY better

When you take classroom training you’re taking a gamble on the quality of the course content and instructor. You’ll often find a supernerd who knows the technology but can’t explain it in simple terms, or a lifelong trainer who has no real world experience. When it’s over you can’t experience the tutorials again or ask the instructor any more questions.

With the CCNA Gold Bootcamp you know you’re getting the best training possible, verified by over 10,000 outstanding reviews. I explain things in an easy to understand and friendly way, and the course is filled with explanations of how things work in the real world so you’ll be ready to work on production networks.

You can learn in the comfort of your own home, and I’m always here for you whenever you need any help.

No classroom training comes close to providing the depth of content or quality of this course.

Elikem Affram

“Explanations are precise and concise. This is the best material on networking in general and on the CCNA. It is very good for those who are new to networking as well as those who are advanced and even experts.”

– Elikem Affram

... and Less Expensive too

If you sat on an official Cisco CCNA training course you’d be looking at paying $4000. You’d get less content, less quality, no quizzes or flash cards… and pay 400x more for the privilege! If your company are funding your CCNA study then paying for this course is an absolute no brainer for them.

You get the best training available, it doesn’t take you out of the office for a week, and it costs WAY less. Sweet! 

Both you and your employer get huge value from this investment in your future.

One time offer – get 50% off when you buy now:

Supercharge Your Learning with Hands-On Lab Practice

You won’t just gain the book smarts to pass the exam, you’ll also hone your hands-on skills to succeed as a network engineer in the real world. You’ll complete over 450 pages of hands-on configuration and troubleshooting lab exercises with detailed answers to check your understanding every step of the way and build your configuration and troubleshooting skills.

You can get started immediately with just your laptop. No equipment or previous experience is required.

Tyler Grimmett

“Impressive amount of detail in every explanation – I have some years of active networking experience and am still finding myself compelled to sit through to learn more efficient methods. 

I wanted a test study guide, and I actually got a much more solid fundamental understanding of networking.”

– Tyler Grimmett

Why You Should Take This CCNA Training Course

The CCNA is the most in-demand networking certification today and opens the door to your career in IT. Here are the benefits you’ll attain after taking the course and passing the exam:

  • Knowledge and Hands-On Skills: You’ll not just be ready to pass the exam, you’ll be ready to work on production networks.
  • Increased Salary: When you are CCNA certified you can negotiate a higher salary at your current or next company. Having the certification proves your skills and helps your company achieve Cisco partner level discounts. Companies pay a premium to you for your certification – this course will quickly pay for itself.
  • Promotion: As well as providing a salary increase, certification helps you move up the IT career ladder.
  • Satisfaction: Gaining the certification proves to yourself that you’ve put in the hard work and deserve all the benefits coming your way.
  • Respect: It also proves to your colleagues and employer that you have the knowledge and skills to be a highly valued member of the team.
Vytas Banionis

“I’m very satisfied with the presentation of the material, every question that comes to mind is answered. Having a lab demo after the lecture is really helpful as well as the study notes to refer to. I’m very glad I chose this course for my CCNA training.”

– Vytas Banionis

Your Instructor Neil Anderson

Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Neil Anderson. My main focus since 2007 has been development and delivery of technical training for large enterprise and service provider customers such as Cisco, NetApp, Verizon and IBM. I train the engineers who design and implement the largest Cloud and Data Center deployments throughout Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. 

Prior to focusing on training I worked in the field for over 10 years in a variety of network engineering roles. I love sharing my knowledge and can’t wait to help you take your career to the next level.

Certification Logos

Some of the companies who’ve chosen me to train their engineers:

Customer Logos

Course Curriculum

  • 01 Welcome to the course!

     How to Make the Most of This Course
     The Study Plan
     Recommended Practice Exams
     Why Passing the Cisco CCNA is Going to Turbo Charge Your Career

  • 02 How to Set Up the Lab

     How to Set Up the Lab Introduction
     Cisco Packet Tracer Installation
     Packet Tracer Installation Notes and FAQ

  • 03. Host to Host Communications

     Host to Host Communications Intro
     A (Very) Basic Introduction to Networking
     Open Systems Interconnection OSI Model Overview
     The TCPIP Stack (Transmission Control Protocol Internet Protocol)
     The Upper OSI Layers
     The Lower OSI Layers
     Host to Host Communications Quiz

  • 04. The Cisco IOS Operating System

     The IOS Operating System Intro
     Cisco Operating Systems
     Initial Connection to a Cisco Device
     Navigating the Cisco IOS Operating System Part 1
     Navigating the Cisco IOS Operating System Part 2
     IOS Configuration Management
     The IOS Operating System - Lab Exercises
     The Cisco IOS Operating System Quiz

  • 05. OSI Layer 4 - The Transport Layer

     OSI Layer 4 - The Transport Layer Intro
     The Transport Layer Header, TCP and UDP
     OSI Layer 4 - The Transport Layer Quiz

  • 06. OSI Layer 3 - The Network Layer

     OSI Layer 3 - The Network Layer Intro
     The IP Header
     Unicast, Broadcast and Multicast Traffic
     Converting from Decimal to Binary
     IPv4 Addresses
     Calculating an IPv4 Address in Binary
     The Subnet Mask
     Slash Notation
     OSI Layer 3 - The Network Layer Quiz

  • 07. IP Address Classes

     IP Address Classes Intro
     Class A IP Addresses
     IP Address Classes B and C
     IP Address Classes D and E
     IP Address Classes Quiz

  • 08. Subnetting

     Subnetting Intro
     CIDR Classless Inter-Domain Routing
     Subnetting Overview
     Subnetting Class C Networks and VLSM
     Subnetting Practice Question
     VLSM Example Part 1
     VLSM Example Part 2
     Subnetting Large Networks Part 1
     Subnetting Large Networks Part 2
     Subnetting on the 4th Octet - Written Example
     Subnetting on the 3rd Octet - Written Example
     Private IP Addresses Part 1
     Private IP Addresses Part 2
     Where to Get More Subnetting Practice
     Additional Subnetting Practice Sites
     Subnetting Quiz

  • 09. OSI Layer 2 - The Data-Link Layer

     OSI Layer 2 - The Data-Link Layer Intro
     Local Area Network Layer 2 - Ethernet
     OSI Layer 2 - The Data-Link Layer Quiz

  • 10. OSI Layer 1 - The Physical Layer

     OSI Layer 1 - The Physical Layer Intro
     Ethernet Connection Media
     OSI Layer 1 - The Physical Layer Quiz

  • 11. Cisco Device Functions

     Cisco Device Functions Intro
     Switches vs Hubs
     Switch Operation
     Other Cisco Devices
     Cisco Device Functions - Lab Exercises
     Cisco Device Functions Quiz

  • 12. The Life of a Packet

     The Life of a Packet Intro
     DNS The Domain Name System
     DNS on Cisco Routers
     ARP Address Resolution Protocol
     ARP for Routed Traffic
     The Life of a Packet Example Part 1 - DNS
     The Life of a Packet Example Part 2 - HTTP
     The Life of a Packet - Lab Exercises
     The Life of a Packet Quiz

  • 13. The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology

     The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology Intro
     The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology
     The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology Lab Example
     The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology - Lab Exercises
     The Cisco Troubleshooting Methodology Quiz

  • 14. Cisco Router and Switch Basics

     Cisco Router and Switch Basics Intro
     Basic Router and Switch Configuration
     The Setup Wizard
     Speed and Duplex Settings
     CDP and LLDP
     Basic Layer 1 and 2 Troubleshooting
     Basic Layer 1 and 2 Troubleshooting Lab Demo
     Cisco Router and Switch Basics - Lab Exercises
     Cisco Router and Switch Basics Quiz

  • 15. Cisco Device Management

     Cisco Device Management Intro
     The Boot Up Process
     The Boot Up Process Lab Demo
     Factory Reset and Password Recovery
     Password Recovery Lab Demo
     Backing up the System Image and Configuration
     Upgrading IOS
     Cisco Device Management - Lab Exercises
     Cisco Device Management Quiz

  • 16. Routing Fundamentals

     Routing Fundamentals Intro
     Connected and Local Routes
     Connected and Local Routes Lab Demo
     Static Routes
     Static Routes Lab Demo
     Summarisation and Default Routes
     Summary Routes and Longest Prefix Match Lab Demo
     Default Routes and Load Balancing Lab Demo
     Routing Fundamentals - Lab Exercises
     Routing Fundamentals Quiz

  • 17. Dynamic Routing Protocols

     Dynamic Routing Protocols Introduction
     Dynamic Routing Protocols vs Static Routes
     Dynamic Routing Protocols Lab Demo
     Routing Protocol Types
     Routing Protocol Types Lab Demo
     Routing Protocol Metrics
     Routing Protocol Metrics Lab Demo
     Equal Cost Multi Path
     Equal Cost Multi Path Lab Demo
     Administrative Distance
     Administrative Distance Lab Demo
     Loopback Interfaces
     Adjacencies and Passive Interfaces
     Adjacencies and Passive Interfaces Lab Demo
     Dynamic Routing Protocols - Lab Exercises
     Dynamic Routing Protocols Quiz

  • 18. Connectivity Troubleshooting

     Connectivity Troubleshooting Introduction
     Basic Connectivity Troubleshooting
     Connectivity Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     Connectivity Troubleshooting Quiz

  • 19. IGP Interior Gateway Protocol Fundamentals

     IGP Introduction
     RIP Routing Information Protocol
     RIP Lab Demo
     EIGRP - Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol
     EIGRP Lab Demo
     IGP Fundamentals Configuration - Lab Exercises
     IGP Fundamentals Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     IGP Interior Gateway Protocol Fundamentals Quiz

  • 20. OSPF - Open Shortest Path First

     OSPF Introduction
     OSPF Characteristics
     OSPF Basic Configuration
     OSPF Basic Configuration Lab Demo
     OSPF Advanced Topics
     OSPF Advanced Topics Lab Demo
     Bandwidth vs Clock Rate and Speed
     OSPF Cost Metric
     OSPF Cost Metric Lab Demo
     OSPF Adjacencies
     OSPF DR and BDR Designated Routers
     OSPF DR and BDR Lab Demo
     OSPF Areas
     OSPF Areas Lab Demo
     OSPF Configuration - Lab Exercises
     OSPF Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     OSPF Quiz

  • 21. VLANs Virtual Local Area Networks

     VLANs Introduction
     Campus LAN Design - Core, Distribution and Access Layers
     Spine-Leaf Network Design
     Why we have VLANs
     VLAN Access Ports
     VLAN Access Ports Lab Demo
     VLAN Trunk Ports
     VLAN Trunk Ports Lab Demo
     DTP Dynamic Trunking Protocol
     VTP VLAN Trunking Protocol
     VTP Lab Demo
     VLAN Lab Exercises
     VLANs Virtual Local Area Networks Quiz

  • 22. Inter-VLAN Routing

     Inter-VLAN Routing Introduction
     Router with Separate Interfaces
     Router on a Stick
     Layer 3 Switch
     Layer 3 Switch Lab Demo
     VLAN and Inter-VLAN Routing Configuration - Lab Exercises
     Inter-VLAN Routing Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     Inter-VLAN Routing Quiz

  • 23. DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

     DHCP Introduction
     DHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
     Cisco DHCP Server
     External DHCP Server
     Cisco DHCP Client
     Windows, Mac and Linux client IP settings
     DHCP Configuration - Lab Exercises
     DHCP Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     DHCP - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Quiz

  • 24. HSRP - Hot Standby Router Protocol

     HSRP Introduction
     Network Redundancy
     FHRP First Hop Redundancy Protocols
     HSRP Hot Standby Router Protocol
     HSRP Advanced Topics
     HSRP Configuration - Lab Exercises
     HSRP Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     HSRP - Hot Standby Router Protocol Quiz

  • 25. STP - Spanning Tree Protocol

     Spanning Tree Protocol Introduction
     Layer 3 Path Selection and Loop Prevention Review
     Why we have the Spanning Tree Protocol
     Spanning Tree Terminology - The Bridge
     How Spanning Tree Works
     Spanning Tree Versions
     Verification - show spanning-tree
     Verification - show mac address-table
     Manipulating the Root Bridge Election
     Spanning Tree and HSRP Alignment
     Portfast, BPDU Guard and Root Guard
     STP Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     STP Configuration - Lab Exercises
     STP - Spanning Tree Protocol Quiz

  • 26. EtherChannel

     EtherChannel Introduction
     Why we have EtherChannel
     EtherChannel Load Balancing
     EtherChannel Protocols and Configuration
     EtherChannel Lab Demo
     StackWise, VSS and vPC
     Layer 3 EtherChannel
     EtherChannel Configuration - Lab Exercises
     EtherChannel Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     EtherChannel Quiz

  • 27. Switch Security

     Switch Security Introduction
     DHCP Snooping
     DAI Dynamic ARP Inspection
     802.1X Identity Based Networking
     Preventing Unauthorised Devices with Port Security
     Preventing Unauthorised Devices with Port Security Lab Demo
     Locking Ports to Hosts with Port Security
     Locking Ports to Hosts with Port Security Lab Demo
     Switch Security Configuration - Lab Exercises
     Switch Security Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     Switch Security Quiz

  • 28. ACLs - Access Control Lists

     Access Control Lists Introduction
     Access Control Lists Overview
     Standard, Extended and Named ACLs
     ACL Syntax
     ACL Operations
     Numbered ACLs Lab Demo
     Named ACLs Lab Demo
     ACL Configuration - Lab Exercises
     ACL Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     ACLs - Access Control Lists Quiz

  • 29. NAT - Network Address Translation

     Network Address Translation Introduction
     IPv4 Address Exhaustion and NAT
     Static NAT
     NAT Translations - Inside Local, Inside Global, Outside Local, Outside Global
     Static NAT Lab Demo
     Dynamic NAT
     Dynamic NAT Lab Demo
     PAT Port Address Translation
     PAT Port Address Translation Lab Demo
     NAT Configuration - Lab Exercises
     NAT Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     NAT - Network Address Translation Quiz

  • 30. IPv6 Addressing and Routing

     IPv6 Addressing and Routing Introduction
     Why We Need IPv6
     The IPv6 Address Format
     IPv6 Global Unicast Addresses
     IPv6 Global Unicast Addresses Lab Demo
     EUI-64 Addresses
     Unique Local and Link Local Addresses
     Link Local Addresses Lab Demo
     SLAAC Stateless Address AutoConfiguration
     IPv6 Static Routes
     IPv6 Static Routes Lab Demo
     IPv6 Addressing and Routing Configuration - Lab Exercises
     IPv6 Addressing and Routing Quiz

  • 31. WAN - Wide Area Networks

     WAN Introduction
     WAN Overview
     VPN Virtual Private Networks
     WAN Connectivity Options
     Leased Lines
     MPLS Multi Protocol Label Switching
     PPPoE Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet
     WAN Topology Options
     WAN - Wide Area Networks Quiz

  • 32. The Security Threat Landscape

     The Security Threat Landscape Introduction
     The Security Threat Landscape
     Common Attacks
     Firewalls and IDS/IPs
     Firewalls vs Packet Filters
     TLS Transport Layer Security
     Site-to-Site VPN Virtual Private Networks
     Remote Access VPN Virtual Private Networks
     Threat Defense Solutions
     The Security Threat Landscape Quiz

  • 33. Cisco Device Security

     Cisco Device Security Introduction
     Line Level Security
     Privileged Exec and Password Encryption
     Line Level Security Lab Demo
     Usernames and Privilege Levels
     SSH Secure Shell
     SSH Secure Shell Lab Demo
     AAA Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
     AAA Configuration
     Global Security Best Practices
     Global Security Best Practices Lab Demo
     Cisco Device Security Configuration - Lab Exercises
     Cisco Device Security Troubleshooting - Lab Exercises
     Cisco Device Security Quiz

  • 34. Network Device Management

     Network Device Management Introduction
     Terminal Monitor and Logging Synchronous
     Syslog Lab Demo
     SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol
     SNMP Lab Demo
     SNMPv3 Configuration
     SNMPv3 Lab Demo
     Syslog vs SNMP
     Network Device Management - Lab Exercises
     Network Device Management Quiz

  • 35. QoS Quality of Service

     QoS Introduction
     QoS Overview
     Classification and Marking
     Congestion Management
     Policing and Shaping
     QoS Quality of Service Quiz

  • 36. Cloud Computing

     Cloud Computing Introduction
     Traditional IT Deployment Models
     Defining Cloud Computing
     Cloud Computing Case Study
     Server Virtualization
     Virtualizing Network Devices
     Cloud Service Models
     Cloud Deployment Models
     Cloud Computing Advantages
     Cloud Computing Quiz

  • 37. Wireless Networking Fundamentals

     Wireless Fundamentals Introduction
     Wireless Network Types
     Infrastructure Mode and Wireless Access Points
     Wireless LAN Controllers and CAPWAP
     Switch Configuration for Wireless Networks
     Wireless Channels and Radio Frequencies
     Wireless Security
     Switch Configuration for Wireless - Lab Demo
     Wireless Network Configuration - Lab Demo
     Wireless Networking Fundamentals - Lab Exercises
     Wireless Networking Fundamentals Quiz

  • 38. Network Automation and Programmability

     Network Automation and Programmability Introduction
     The Benefits of Network Automation and Programmability
     Python, Git, GitHub and CI-CD
     Data Serialization Formats - XML, JSON and YAML
     APIs - CRUD, REST and SOAP
     Model Driven Programmability - YANG, NETCONF, RESTCONF and gRPC
     Lab Demo - Testing APIs with Postman
     Configuration Management Tools - Ansible, Puppet and Chef
     Lab Demo - Ansible Network Automation
     SDN Software Defined Networking
     Software Defined Architecture - Cisco DNA Center
     Software Defined Architecture - Cisco SD-Access
     Software Defined Architecture - Cisco SD-WAN
     Further Automation Learning Resources
     Network Automation and Programmability Quiz

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the course suitable for beginners to networking?

    Yes, it starts off with the basics of networking and takes you all the way through to CCNA level knowledge and skills.

  • When does the course start and finish?

    It's self-paced training - you can watch the videos and do the lab exercises whenever and wherever is best for you.

  • How long do I have access to the course for?

    You have access to the course forever - your enrolment never expires.

  • How long does it take to complete the course?

    To complete the course in 6 weeks you'll need to study for around 2 hours per day - the same time it takes to watch a movie. Remember that passing your CCNA is a better use of your time than watching the latest episode of 'Dancing with the Stars'! The timetable is laid out in weekly segments so you can spend longer on the days which are more suitable for you, or skip a few days and catch up on the weekend.

  • What if I don't complete all the course material in 6 weeks?

    6 weeks is a suggested time frame to get the knowledge and hands-on skills you need to pass the CCNA exam as quickly as possible. You can take as long as you need to work through the course material though - it's not a problem if you want to go at a slower pace or if something comes up during your studies.

  • Can I access the course material offline?

    Yes, you can install the Teachable app on your tablet or mobile (or using an emulator on your PC) to download the videos and quizzes and watch them offline. All of the study notes, Anki flashcards and lab exercises are provided as downloadable PDFs, Anki packages and Packet Tracer projects.

  • Is a course certificate provided?

    Yes, you will receive a verifiable course certificate upon course completion.

  • Which CCNA exam version does the course cover?

    The CCNA 200-301 exam, the latest version.

  • Can I ask questions about the course lessons?

    Yes, I'm always happy to help. You can email me at

  • Do you offer a consultancy service?

    I'd love to be able to provide consultancy for individual production environments but I'm unable to take on new clients right now sorry.

  • Can I buy the course for my whole team?

    Yes, please purchase an individual copy for each team member.

  • What if I'm unhappy with the course?

    I go above and beyond to make sure you are more than happy with the course. If however you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

Imagine how it will feel when you’re a certified Cisco CCNA expert… 

You’ll have complete confidence working on real world networks, the respect and trust of employers and your colleagues in the industry, and the golden ticket to the career you want.

Money Back Guarantee

Cisco CCNA 200-301 Gold Bootcamp comes with an unconditional risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the course then email me within 30 days and I will issue a full refund – that’s my personal promise of your success.

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