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You share Flackbox free resources (such as Lab Guide PDFs and free courses) and premium course sales pages with your own unique affiliate links. When someone clicks any of your links and then buys any course within 3 months, you get 40% commission on the sale.
Guides on how to best share your links, full sample promotional copy and graphics are all provided so you can easily get your links out there and start earning passive income in less than 15 minutes (seriously). And I’m always here to help anytime you have any questions.
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As well as benefiting your audience, the affiliate program will help you:

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Earn 40% commission (up to $160 per sale) every time someone buys any course within 3 months of clicking any of your affiliate links. You’ll automatically receive payments for each sale via PayPal.


CCNA Lab Guide eBook
How to Build a NetApp Data ONTAP Lab For Free eBook
Free Intro to SAN and NAS Storage Course
Free Intro to Cloud Computing Course


NetApp ONTAP Storage Complete Course
Cisco CCNA Gold Bootcamp Course

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