How to Get the Best NetApp Content – Quick & Easy Tutorial

How to Get the Best NetApp Content - Quick & Easy Tutorial

In this NetApp training tutorial post, you’ll see a super fast and convenient way to always keep up to date with all the latest NetApp news, features, and tutorials. Scroll down for the video and also text tutorial.

How to Get the Best NetApp Content – Quick & Easy Tutorial

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Kashif Ali

Kashif Ali

I have never seen any training course in Netapp the way Neil conducted this and the way he breaks down every concept is like watching a movie…I am feeling so motivated and pumped up to retain all this knowledge…thank you!

Kashif Ali

The deal is that NetApp have put together a couple of teams of their best online experts and influencers - NetApp United and the NetApp A-Team. I'm excited to have been invited onto NetApp United, it helps me share more great NetApp content with you.

I've created a couple of public lists in Twitter featuring all the team members, which makes it really easy for you to follow all the posts and keep up to date with everything NetApp in one easy location.

Here's how it works:

  1. Log into Twitter

Log into Twitter

  1. Open

NetApp United List

You now see all the NetApp United members tweets in one place!

  1. Click 'Subscribe' to get all the NetApp United tweets in your main Twitter feed.

Subscribe to Twitter list

  1. Click 'List subscribers' to see all the NetApp United member's Twitter accounts.

List members

  1. 'Follow' the team members - this is a great way to build a connection and open a conversation.

Follow team members

  1. Repeat for the NetApp A-Team list

NetApp A-Team

That's it! You now have access to all the latest NetApp info in one location.


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