AlphaPrep Cisco Exam Prep – Unboxing and Review

AlphaPrep Cisco Exam Prep - Unboxing and Review

You can see a walkthrough of the AlphaPrep Cisco practice exam prep engine in this video, how it works and recommendations on how to make the best use of it. Scroll down to the ‘AlphaPrep Walkthrough’ section below if you’re already signed up and want to know the best way to use it.


You can get the free trial of the AlphaPrep exam test engine by clicking here.


AlphaPrep Cisco Exam Prep – Unboxing and Review

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Why I Promote AlphaPrep


Udemy asked me to produce a CCNA practice exam for them at around the same time AlphaPrep asked me to be a partner. I compared how good a job I could do producing my own exam with what you get with AlphaPrep, and AlphaPrep completely blew it out of the water.


I’ve decided to promote AlphaPrep rather than write my own practice test because their solution is unbeatable. You know that I truly care about you as my student and I always do my best to help you succeed. AlphaPrep are the only company I partner with because I will only promote something which is better than I could do myself.


The Best Way to Pass the Cisco CCNA at the First Attempt


I genuinely believe that taking my Cisco CCNA Complete course in conjunction with the AlphaPrep test engine is the best and quickest way to pass the CCNA at your first attempt.


Here’s the reasons why:

  • AlphaPrep partner with Cisco and Prometric (who run the exam). They wrote the questions which are incredibly similar to what you will see on the real test.
  • The practice tests mimic the real exam experience, with exactly the same difficulty level. This is different to all the other practice exams which are too easy and trick you into a false sense of confidence.
  • The system tracks your progress and machine learning adapts the test engine to your previous performance.
  • Detailed feedback is provided on your strong areas and where you need to improve.
  • An overall level is shown which tells you exactly how prepared you are for the exam. Once you have reached level 7 (which requires passing several tests) you know you are ready to take the exam.
  • The system is proven to have a precise level of accuracy in telling you when you will pass the exam. This means you will pass on the first attempt and not have to spend an additional $300+ to resit the exam, take time off work and get to the test center again.
  • You get a free, no-risk trial. If you decide the solution isn’t for you, no harm done.


AlphaPrep Free Trial


You can get the free trial of the AlphaPrep exam test engine by clicking here.


If you use my link I will get a small percentage of the sale if you do go ahead and purchase the full solution, at no additional cost to you.


AlphaPrep Walkthrough


Here’s a walkthrough of the AlphaPrep solution with the complete CCNA package. I recommend to start off by reading a section of Wendell Odom’s Cisco Press book. The books are available in the ‘Library’ section and can be downloaded as PDF, ePub or Mobi:


AlphaPrep Walkthrough


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 1


After you’ve digested the information in the book, watch the related tutorial video from Kevin Wallace:


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 2


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 3


After you watch the tutorials, do some quiz questions for that section. This tests your base knowledge of each topic. If you’re not consistently scoring at least 80% in the quizzes, review the material again.


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 4


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 5


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 6


When you’re getting close to sitting the exam you can watch the review videos as a refresher.


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 7


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 8


This is the point you will be at if you have taken my Cisco CCNA Complete course and you’re nearly ready to sit the CCNA exam. It’s time to take the full practice tests. This will give you practice of sitting exams exactly as you will see on the real test.


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 9


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 10


The real exam doesn’t just test you on facts, it checks you have a deeper understanding of the material and can reason through scenarios.


Can you answer the question above? This is the same kind of question you will get on the real exam. Having experience of this gives you a much better chance of passing on the first attempt.


If you’re not sure about a question, you can hit the ‘Report’ button to ask a Cisco expert to clarify the answer for you.


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 11


You can also discuss it with your peers and AlphaPrep’s Cisco experts on the discussion page or the Facebook group.


AlphaPrep Walkthrough 12


AlphaPrep’s Cisco experts Facebook group


After you have completed the test you can see detailed feedback in the Exam History section.


Exam History section


Exam History section 1


This tells you exactly where you are strong and where you need more review. You can drill sown into the different topic areas to review individual questions and answers. Reports are available for both quizzes and full exams.


Take several exams until you are consistently achieved scores over 80%. Once your ‘Earned Level’ reaches 7 you can be confident that you are ready to take and pass the exam.


AlphaPrep Free Trial


Ready to get started?

You can get the free trial of the AlphaPrep exam test engine by clicking here.


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