• Carl Bachman Kharazmi, IBM

    Neil developed and delivered the Cloud training sessions for the IBM and SoftLayer staff and partners following the $2 billion acquisition of SoftLayer. He delivered design and implementation classes to small groups of Engineers, and big picture Roadshow sessions to large audiences at the CEO and CTO level. Neil was hugely popular with both audiences and we received outstanding feedback from participants across the board. His sharp technical skills and easy to understand teaching enabled successful completion of the Engineer training, and his understanding of the wider business environment and easy-going, inclusive personality enabled him to communicate very effectively with the CxO participants.

    - Carl Bachman Kharazmi, IBM

  • Neil is an excellent instructor and course developer and has the ability to pick up almost any subject no matter how complex. He has taught all over the world and always gets superb evaluations. I would recommend Neil without hesitation.

    - Dan Pegler, Cisco

    Dan Pegler, Cisco

  • Vivian Man, Telstra International Group

    Neil is the most professional and passionate instructor I have worked with in the ICT industry. We worked together in the Cloud product roll out in 2013 for Telstra globally. He is not only technically strong, but he can also understand customer requests and problems clearly. The project covered different audiences - non sales, sales, pre-sales and post sales in Asia Pacific, EMEA and U.S. He was able to develop and deliver different modules for them in a very tight timeline professionally.He is intelligent and a hard worker. His outstanding contributions were instrumental to make the project and business a success.I found him extremely helpful and he is a valuable asset to his company and clients.

    - Vivian Man, Telstra International Group

  • I took the Netapp ONTAP class about a month ago and watched your tutorials about 3 times each. Your tutorials were much better than the class. I took the test last week and passed it. I don't think I could have done that without your tutorials. Thank you so much!!!

    - Kyung Pastino, US Local Government

    Kyung Pastino, US Local Government

  • Janith Mantriratna, Network Engineer

    Neil was one of the best instructors that I've seen at a training course. He was able to answer all our questions and took time to explain all detailed scenarios. His method of explanation is also very good.

    - Janith Mantriratna, Network Engineer

  • Neil presented very well. Was able to discuss complex topics in a clear and organised way.

    - Stephen Mangan, National Broadband Network

    Stephen Mangan, National Broadband Network

  • Geraldine Paivu, Telekom PNG

    Having someone who already has experience in the field makes me believe and understand more about the course. Having real case scenarios and common mistakes/errors he has come across while working in this field is beneficial to know and be aware of for my future reference.

    - Geraldine Paivu, Telekom PNG

  • The course was excellent and the instructor Neil was very, very thorough in explaining everything. He is a great instructor and a pleasure to be trained by.

    - Roddy Strachan, Telstra

    Roddy Strachan, Telstra

  • C. Remo, Fujitsu

    He was able to explain the topics in the easiest way to understand possible.

    - C. Remo, Fujitsu

  • We successfully migrated our NetApp storage after Neil’s training, all the knowledge Neil taught us really helped.

    - Hiro Araki, Electronic Arts

    Hiro Araki, Electronic Arts

  • Rob Clanchy, Telstra

    Found Neil’s insight into Cisco’s network to be very broad and depth of knowledge endless. His understanding of networking and Cisco products overall to be right on point. Would enjoy a sit down with a coffee and have a real good chat about the network on a whole and in what direction he feels it is going. As an engineer I found him to very insightful.

    - Rob Clanchy, Telstra

  • Neil was a good instructor, very knowledgeable and expert on the product and technology.’

    - Reymer Villanueva, Verizon

    Reymer Villanueva, Verizon

  • Rod Baker, Telstra

    Excellent knowledge and patience.

    - Rod Baker, Telstra

  • Neil was brilliant as an instructor.

    - James Noble, Telstra

    James Noble, Telstra

  • Shane Pearce, National Broadband Network

    Instructor was very pleasant and engaging.

    - Shane Pearce, National Broadband Network

  • Fantastic and very knowledgeable instructor.

    - Cpl. Owen B., Australian Army

    Cpl. Owen B., Australian Army

  • Nazmi Islam, Telstra

    Good to the point, detailed lab training.

    - Nazmi Islam, Telstra

  • Well presented course.

    - Graham McGeary, Telstra

    Graham McGeary, Telstra

  • Sinval Aragao, Telstra

    Very knowledgeable instructor.

    - Sinval Aragao, Telstra

  • Instruction method very effective. Very knowledgeable - enhanced the learning experience.

    - Geoff Whitby, Telstra

    Geoff Whitby, Telstra

  • Cpl. Joel H., Australian Army

    Neil was very knowledgeable and able to impart his real world experiences and skills onto the class.

    - Cpl. Joel H., Australian Army

  • Great depth of knowledge and helpful.

    - Brad Elphinstone, Telstra

    Brad Elphinstone, Telstra

  • Joshua Urim, Telekom PNG

    Well coordinated instructor.

    - Joshua Urim, Telekom PNG

  • Very Very competent instructor. One of the best I've seen in a while.

    - Sgt. Matthew F., Australian Army

    Sgt. Matthew F., Australian Army

  • Michael Rodgers, Telstra

    Neil was very knowledgeable and displayed a strong understanding even when tested with non-course related questions.

    - Michael Rodgers, Telstra

  • Excellent Instructor. Looking forward to doing more courses.

    - Cpl Andrew F., Australian Army

    Cpl Andrew F., Australian Army

  • Omer Fahim, Telstra

    The Instructor was really excellent. It was a good training and he taught me well.

    - Omer Fahim, Telstra

  • The course worked well, it was a good mix of labs and lectures. The additional information really helped me to understand the topics.

    - Rohan Dutton, FoxTel

    Rohan Dutton, FoxTel

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