Book Review – IT Architect Series: The Journey

IT Architect Series - The Journey

Embarking on a new career is daunting as well as exciting. Guiding you through the process (rather than stumbling around in the dark) is the focus of a new book from Melissa Palmer – The Journey: A Guidebook for Anyone Interested in IT Architecture.


This book is a part of the IT Architect Series, which is designed to be a guide to help budding IT infrastructure architects. It’s a first dip into the design world for those who are interested in seeking it out as a potential career path, and guides you towards further education and certification should you be interested.


In Melissa’s first foray into publishing she flexes her muscles both as an experienced advisor as well as an expert in the field – and she is. She has deep knowledge in the infrastructure and virtualization space, including achieving VMware’s highest certification – VMware Certified Design Expert, and relishes her role as Solutions Architect at NetApp.


What’s included in the book?


The first two chapters in the book touch more on the human side of being an IT architect and your responsibility to know your stuff and be a valuable member of the team. Chapter 3 then leads into a self-assessment – a super handy chapter that I wish many textbooks gave! It’s comprehensive and should give you a good indication of where you stand currently in regards to your skill set. Chapter 4 then gives you the tools to be able to set up your learning environment to make the most out of your journey – and this is a handy read not only for technologists, but anyone learning something new, and Chapter 5 outlines the difference between formal and practical learning.


Part 2 of the book then starts to go into depth about things like the technology building blocks for IT architects, areas of expertise, connecting up different architecture systems, and then Part 3 goes into formal certifications, different career paths for IT architects, and how not to stagnate in the field.


My thoughts on The Journey


The Journey is really (funnily enough) more about the journey towards a career in technology overall, but with a focus on becoming an IT Architect. I think that it’s a good read for any technologist making their way along their career path – it gives you life tools and suggestions for success. The IT Architect part of things explains the intracicies of the field, giving you a taste of what life will be like if that’s your chosen career.


So, would I recommend it? Yes! Since you are probably looking to either retrain in the field or start the journey in the first place, this is a good read to get you thinking more about your skills and the way the brain and other people work – within the context of a tech career move.


Pick up The Journey: A Guidebook for Anyone Interested in IT Architecture in hardback, paperback, or eBook formats right here.


Why am I writing a review?


I know Melissa well from her awesome content at the vMiss blog and she was kind enough to send me a copy of the book. This review is my honest opinion and I do not gain anything from book sales.


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