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Cisco CCNP ENCOR 350-401 Gold Bootcamp with AlphaPrep Practice Tests

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Do you want to take your networking career to the next level?


The average base salary for a Senior Network Engineer in 2021 is $117,990. 

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Trouble is, you need the CCNP certification to prove your advanced skills and get those roles.

As you’re reading this, other people are taking the training, passing the exams, and getting those jobs.

And every week you wait to get your CCNP is another week you’re losing money.

This course gives you a full understanding of all the concepts and topics you need to crush the ENCOR 350-401 exam on your way to CCNP Enterprise or CCIE Enterprise certification.

This is the one course you need to go beyond CCNA level skills and pass the Cisco ENCOR exam.

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Black Friday Pre-Launch Special Offer

The course is currently in development during this pre-launch phase.

The first few sections are already done and I will be working full-time and exclusively on the course until it is completed.

You get early access to follow along with me as I build out the course.

The standard price for the course and AlphaPrep practice tests is $369. You save a massive 70% by getting the one-off Black Friday special offer, available this week only.

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Here's what you get when you enroll:

  • Training from the highest review rated Cisco instructor online
  • Comprehensive HD video tutorials
  • Configuration lab exercises with setup instructions to run on your laptop
  • Bonus troubleshooting labs for every exam topic
  • Quizzes at the end of every section to check your understanding
  • Course slides in an easy to review format
  • Full access to AlphaPrep’s CCNP ENCOR practice tests

Ace the exam first time with AlphaPrep practice tests

  • AlphaPrep are an official partner with Cisco and Prometric (who run the exam). The questions were written in partnership so they are incredibly similar to what you will see on the real test.
  • The practice tests mimic the real exam experience, with exactly the same difficulty level.
  • The system tracks your progress and machine learning adapts the test engine to your previous performance.
  • Detailed feedback is provided on your strong areas and where you need to improve.
  • An overall score level is shown which tells you exactly how prepared you are for the test. Once you have reached level 7 you know you are ready to take your real exam.
  • The system is proven to have a precise level of accuracy in telling you when you will pass. Passing on your first attempt means you don’t have to spend an additional $400+ to resit the exam, take time off work and get to the test center again.
  • Taking the practice tests saves you time and money.

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You’ll develop full understanding of all the CCNP ENCOR exam topics through a proven step-by-step system of HD video tutorials, quizzes, study notes and practice tests.

And you’re not just going to learn the book smarts – full configuration and troubleshooting lab exercises are included so you’ll get the hands-on practical skills you need to work on real world networks.

The Cisco CCNP ENCOR Gold Bootcamp gives you an easy to understand, structured approach to shortcut your path to mastering Cisco networking to the CCNP level and beyond.

You will:

  • Develop advanced level Cisco networking knowledge and practical skills
  • Build the confidence to crush the ENCOR 350-401 exam so you can prove your expertise to employers
  • Walk through complete and easy to understand explanations of each technology area covered in the exam
  • Follow simple step by step instructions to build your own fully featured lab on your laptop. You’ll get started with hands-on practice immediately – no equipment is required.
  • Gain hands on configuration and troubleshooting experience through comprehensive lab exercises
  • Take quizzes and practice tests to ensure you’ve nailed the test topics and are ready to pass the exam
  • Learn how advanced networking really works through real world examples throughout the course
  • Gain demonstrable knowledge and practical experience to supercharge your networking career
Money Back Guarantee

Cisco CCNP ENCOR Gold Bootcamp comes with an unconditional risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the course then email me within 30 days and I will issue a full refund – that’s my personal promise of your success.

You can take the Cisco CCNP ENCOR 350-401 Gold Bootcamp from home or anywhere in the world.

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You have permanent lifetime access to all the course material so you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule. You can work through the entire program from start to finish, or pick and choose individual tutorials and configuration demos as and when you need them.  

Better Than Classroom Training. WAY better

When you take classroom training you’re taking a gamble on the quality of the course content and instructor. You’ll often find a supernerd who knows the technology but can’t explain it in simple terms, or a lifelong trainer who has no real world experience. When it’s over you can’t experience the tutorials again or ask the instructor any more questions.

With the CCNP ENCOR Gold Bootcamp you know you’re getting the best training possible, from the instructor with the highest Cisco training review scores online. I explain things in an easy to understand and friendly way, and the course is filled with explanations of how things work in the real world so you can immediately transfer your skills to production networks.

You can learn in the comfort of your own home, and I’m always here for you whenever you need any help.

No classroom training comes close to providing the depth of content or quality of this course.

... and Less Expensive too

If you sat on an official Cisco ENCOR training course you’d be looking at paying $4000. You’d get less content, less quality, no practice tests… and pay 400x more for the privilege!

If your company are funding your study then paying for this course is an absolute no brainer for them. You get the best training available, it doesn’t take you out of the office for a week, and it costs WAY less. Sweet! 

Both you and your employer get huge value from this investment in your future.

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Supercharge Your Learning with Hands-On Lab Practice

You won’t just gain the book smarts to pass the exam, you’ll also hone your advanced hands-on skills to succeed as a network engineer in the real world.

You’ll complete hands-on configuration and troubleshooting lab exercises for each exam topic, with detailed answers to check your understanding every step of the way and build your configuration and troubleshooting skills.

This is the only online ENCOR course which gives you hands-on practice, other CCNP training courses do not include lab exercises.

Why You Should Take This CCNP ENCOR Training Course

The CCNP proves you are an advanced network engineer and opens the door to senior level job positions. Here are the benefits you’ll attain after taking the course and passing the exam:

  • Knowledge and Hands-On Skills: You’ll not just be ready to pass the exam, you’ll have advanced real-world networking knowledge and skills.
  • Increased Salary: When you are CCNP certified you can negotiate a higher salary at your current or next company. Having the certification proves your skills and helps your company achieve Cisco partner level discounts. Companies pay a premium to you for your certification – this course will quickly pay for itself.
  • Promotion: As well as providing a salary increase, certification helps you move up the IT career ladder.
  • Satisfaction: Gaining the certification proves to yourself that you’ve put in the hard work and deserve all the benefits coming your way.
  • Respect: It also proves to your colleagues and employer that you have the knowledge and skills to be a highly valued member of the team.
Your Instructor Neil Anderson

Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Neil Anderson. My main focus since 2007 has been development and delivery of technical training for large enterprise and service provider customers such as Cisco, NetApp, Verizon and IBM. I train the engineers who design and implement the largest Cloud and Data Center deployments throughout Asia Pacific and the rest of the world. 

Prior to focusing on training I worked in the field for over 10 years in a variety of network engineering roles. I love sharing my knowledge and can’t wait to help you take your career to the next level.

Certification Logos

Some of the companies who’ve chosen me to train their engineers:

Customer Logos

Course Curriculum

  • 01. Welcome to the course!

     Introduction and Welcome to the Course
    The Cisco Certification Path
     How to Make the Most of This Course
     How to Use the AlphaPrep Practice Tests

  • 02. How to Set Up the Lab

     Cisco CML Installation Notes and FAQ
     CML Cisco Modeling Labs Installation
     How to Use the CML Lab Exercises
     Packet Tracer Installation Notes and FAQ
     Cisco Packet Tracer Installation
     How to Use the Packet Tracer Lab Exercises

  • 03. Routing Fundamentals Review

     Connected and Local Routes
     Connected and Local Routes Lab Demo
     Static Routes
     Static Routes Lab Demo
     Summarisation, Longest Prefix Match, and Default Routes
     Summary Routes and Longest Prefix Match Lab Demo
     Default Routes and Load Balancing Lab Demo
     Routing Fundamentals Configuration Lab Exercise
     Routing Fundamentals Troubleshooting Lab Exercise
     Routing Fundamentals Quiz

  • 04. Dynamic Routing Protocols Review

     Dynamic Routing Protocols vs Static Routes
     Dynamic Routing Protocols Lab Demo
     Routing Protocol Types
     Routing Protocol Types Lab Demo
     Routing Protocol Metrics
     Routing Protocol Metrics Lab Demo
     Equal Cost Multi Path
     Equal Cost Multi Path Lab Demo
     Administrative Distance
     Administrative Distance Lab Demo
     Loopback Interfaces
     Adjacencies and Passive Interfaces
     Adjacencies and Passive Interfaces Lab Demo
     Dynamic Routing Protocols Lab Exercise
     Dynamic Routing Protocols Quiz

  • 05. EIGRP Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol - Coming This Week

     EIGRP Characteristics
     Basic EIGRP Configuration
     EIGRP Verification and Lab Demo
     EIGRP Advanced Configuration
     EIGRP Advanced Configuration Lab Demo
     EIGRP Named Mode Configuration
     EIGRP Neighbor Discovery
     EIGRP Operations
     EIGRP Metric Calculation
     EIGRP Metric K Values and Wide Metrics
     Split Horizon
     DUAL and Feasibility
     EIGRP Convergence
     EIGRP Load Balancing
     EIGRP Configuration Lab Exercise
     EIGRP Troubleshooting Lab Exercise
     EIGRP Quiz

  • 06. OSPF Open Shortest Path First Fundamentals Review - Coming Soon


  • 07. Advanced OSPF Open Shortest Path First - Coming Soon


  • 08. IPv6 Routing - Coming Soon


  • 09. BGP Border Gateway Protocol - Coming Soon


  • 10. Multicast - Coming Soon


  • 11. VLANs Virtual Local Area Networks - Coming Soon


  • 12. FHRP First Hop Redundancy Protocols - Coming Soon


  • 13. STP Spanning Tree Protocol - Coming Soon


  • 14. EtherChannel - Coming Soon


  • 15. Campus Network Design - Coming Soon


  • 16. Switch and Router Packet Forwarding - Coming Soon


  • 17. Security Threat Landscape - Coming Soon


  • 18. ACLs Access Control Lists - Coming Soon


  • 19. VPNs and GRE - Coming Soon


  • 20. NAT Network Address Translation - Coming Soon


  • 21. Cisco Device Security - Coming Soon


  • 22. Network Management - Coming Soon


  • 23. Network Analysis and Troubleshooting - Coming Soon


  • 24. QoS Quality of Service - Coming Soon


  • 25. Virtualization - Coming Soon


  • 26. Wireless Networking - Coming Soon


  • 27. Network Automation and Programmability - Coming Soon


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the course prerequisites?

    You should have Cisco CCNA level knowledge of networking. See my 'Cisco CCNA Gold Bootcamp' course first if you don't already have your CCNA or equivalent knowledge.

  • What does 'pre-launch' mean?

    The course is currently in development. You get early access to follow along with me as I build out the course.

  • When will new lectures be uploaded?

    The first few sections are already done. I'm working exclusively on this course full-time from now, and will upload each new section as it is completed. I'll send you email updates as sections are uploaded.

  • How long do I have access to the AlphaPrep practice tests for?

    You will receive a coupon for a 180 day subscription when you enrol in the course. You can start your subscription when you are ready to start the practice tests. The 180 days timer does not start until you trigger your subscription.

  • How long do I have access to the course for?

    You have access to the course forever - your enrolment never expires.

  • What software is used for the lab exercises?

    You will need Cisco Packet Tracer (free) or CML (paid) software installed on your laptop to do the course lab exercises (CML preferred). Full instructions on how to install and use the software are included in the course.

  • Can I access the course material offline?

    Yes, you can install the Teachable app on your tablet or mobile (or using an emulator on your PC) to download the videos and quizzes and watch them offline. All of the study notes and lab exercises are provided as downloadable PDFs along with CML and Packet Tracer projects.

  • Is a course certificate provided?

    Yes, you will receive a verifiable course certificate upon course completion.

  • Which ENCOR exam version does the course cover?

    The ENCOR 350-401 exam, the latest version.

  • Can I ask questions about the course lessons?

    Yes, I'm always happy to help. You can email me at

  • Do you offer a consultancy service?

    I'd love to be able to provide consultancy for individual production environments but I'm unable to take on new clients right now sorry.

  • Can I buy the course for my whole team?

    Yes, please purchase an individual copy for each team member.

  • What if I'm unhappy with the course?

    I go above and beyond to make sure you are more than happy with the course. If however you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me in the first 30 days and I will give you a full refund.

Imagine how it will feel when you’re a certified Cisco CCNP expert… 

You’ll have complete confidence working on real world networks, the respect and trust of employers and your colleagues in the industry, and the golden ticket to the career you want.

Money Back Guarantee

Cisco CCNP ENCOR 350-401 Gold Bootcamp comes with an unconditional risk-free 30 day money-back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with the course then email me within 30 days and I will issue a full refund – that’s my personal promise of your success.

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