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Learn NetApp storage with my free online NetApp training videos.

You can find my NetApp tutorials and NetApp training videos on this page. Full descriptions with screenshots are also included with each video if you prefer the content in a text format. If you’re studying for certification like the NetApp Certified Data Administrator or NetApp Certified Implementation Engineer NCIE exams then you’ve come to the right place. I don’t just want to give you the book smarts though, I’m going to show you how to actually design and implement a real-world deployment using best practices.

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NetApp SAN Utilities Tutorial – MPIO, DSM, SLM and Host Utilities

NetApp MPIO, DSM, SLM and Host Utilities Tutorial   I cover MultiPath Input/Output (MPIO), Device-specific Modules (DSM), NetApp Host Utilities and Asymmetric Logical Unit Access (ALUA) in this NetApp video tutorial. These are the software utilities that allow the initiator (the SAN client) to ...

NetApp Simulator 9 Free eBook – Build a Free NetApp ONTAP 9 Lab!

Download your NetApp simulator complete lab build guide here. Updated in October 2017 for the latest software versions. Download your ‘How to Build a NetApp ONTAP Lab… For Free’ eBook to get hands on practice with NetApp storage. It has complete step-by-step instructions, with screenshots, ...

NetApp Export Policies Tutorial

NetApp Export Policies Tutorial I cover Export Policies for NAS protocols in this NetApp training video tutorial. Export Policies and rules enable you to restrict access to volumes and qtrees.     NetApp Export Policies   NetApp Export policies and rules enable the administrator to ...

NetApp Infinite Volumes and Storage Classes Tutorial

NetApp Infinite Volumes and Storage Classes Tutorial I cover NetApp Infinite Volumes in this NetApp training video tutorial.     Flexible Volumes and the NetApp Storage Architecture   (Read my NetApp storage architecture post for an overview of volumes and aggregates.)   First,...

NetApp FlexClone Tutorial

NetApp FlexClone Tutorial I cover NetApp FlexClone in this NetApp training video tutorial.       NetApp FlexClone    A FlexClone volume is, not surprisingly, a clone of another volume. The feature is most commonly used for deploying a virtual desktop environment or for developme...